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Favorite holiday recipes

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

From coddle to bacon and cabbage to stew we have all the traditional favourites below for you to click on and follow. If you're looking for a moden twist on the traditional, then there's everything from frittatas, to tagliatelle to choose from - lots of new ways to bring bacon to the table.

Oliver Dunne's Dublin Coddle - click here for details

Wade Murphy's Lamb Stew, Sheep Cheese Dumplings from the Today show

Simon Delaney launched the Bord Bia Ham and Bacon campaign and he has a challenge for foodies in the video below. As you can also see in the vid Food historian Regina Sexton - an interesting lady, not least of all because she's talking 1916 food.

Simon Delaney

Sticky Glazed Ham Fillet, Champ, Redcurrant Sauce

Bacon Chops with Warm Potato Salad and Peas Bacon, Spinach, Potato Frittata recipe - click here

Bacon and Mushroom Tagliatelle recipe - click here

Glazed Loin of Bacon with Roasted Vegetables recipe - click here

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