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DIY project fun for the whole family

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

10 St. Patrick's Day Crafts for Kids

These St. Patrick's Day crafts are simple, fun activities that are sure to put a smile on your child's face. Gather the kids and make a few of these creative crafts to pass out to family and friends on St. Patrick's Day.

Lucky Leprechaun Children can make this adorable leprechaun box and keep special items or candy in it. Read the instructions for Lucky Leprechaun. Shamrock Rubbings For St. Patrick's Day, your child can place a piece of paper over a sandpaper shamrock and make a crayon rubbing of the shape that makes everyone think of Ireland. Read the instructions for the Shamrock Rubbings. Pot o' Gold Assemble a chest full of candy coins and send your kids on a treasure hunt for St. Patrick's Day. Read the instructions for the Pot o' Gold. Potato Prints This fun St. Patrick's Day craft allows children to make their own stamps out of potatoes. Read the instructions for the Potato Prints. Handmade Four-Leaf Clovers This St. Patrick's Day art activity is fun for the whole family. Make some lucky shamrocks with your child in just ten easy steps. Read the instructions for the Handmade Four-Leaf Clovers. Shamrock Men Your children can celebrate the Irish holiday by creating their own little shamrock men. Read the instructions for the Shamrock Men. Shamrock Necklace Children can play dress-up with these festive St. Patrick's Day shamrock necklaces. Read the instructions for the Shamrock Necklace. Mischievous Elf Children can create this adorable leprechaun to set atop a bookcase or shelf. Read the instructions for the Mischievous Elf. Grow a Leprechaun This St. Patrick's Day holiday activity will inspire kids' creativity and pique their interest in science. Read the instructions for Grow a Leprechaun. St. Patrick's Day Carnations Kids can watch white carnations turn green for a festive St. Patrick's Day flower. Read the instructions for the St. Patrick's Day Carnations.

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